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Ryan Maloney and Scott Fletcher – Evolve Tennis Academy

Evolve Tennis was co-founded in 2010 by Scott Fletcher & myself. We are an extremely hardworking & enthusiastic partnership that operate tennis facilities & schools along the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our experience & qualifications are amongst some of the best in all of Australia and we believe that is what sets us apart from the competition.

Scott has 13yrs Coaching Experience, is a Level 3 TA Master Club Pro Coach & has been a TA Hotshots Ambassador. I have been coaching for 16yrs, currently hold a Level 3 ATPCA Coaching Qualification & a Level 2 Footwork/Biomechanics Cert.

We pride ourselves on promoting & developing the sports growth on every level. To us here at Evolve, tennis is not just a game- its our life passion.

How is Evolve Tennis Academy different to other tennis schools?

Its Simple, our entire coaching staff are ‘QUALIFIED’ tennis coaches. We have a collective 100+ years of valuable knowledge to pass on. So when you turn up for your tennis lessons you can be guaranteed your Coach is qualified with TA (Tennis Australia) &/or ATPCA (Australian Tennis Professionals Coaching Association). We don’t have any unqualified junior coaches.

When and how did you get into tennis coaching?

Scott and I both played competitively ourselves from young ages. Scott played a lot of his senior career in Europe, whilst I attended College in the U.S. on a tennis scholarship. We both quit tennis at the same time but realised we weren’t suit & tie guys. So we fell straight into help local juniors which then transpired into full time coaching positions. We both took up full time coaching roles in our early 20s.

What do you enjoy about tennis coaching?

Well obviously we just both enjoy being out in the sun and having a job where everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun.

Its a very good office, one that a lot of people are envious of.

What are your goals as a professional tennis coach?

As tennis coaches our goals are very similar, simply to create technically sound tennis players of all ages that can enjoy and participate in ’Tennis for Life’.

You recently took over Wyatt Park Tennis Centre. What plan do you have for the centre?

For quite some time we have had thoughts of expansion and Wyatt Park location wise was an excellent fit. We tendered with the local council and were successful with our bid.

Our overall plan is to re-create the same vibrant tennis atmosphere that we currently have at Collaroy Tennis Club. A place where families can play, learn and enjoy tennis of all

standards, or simply just book a court online with friends and enjoy the great sport of tennis.

What is working well for you at the moment?

Without a doubt- Our team. Our business has grown larger than what we first anticipated and we are very lucky our team is so supportive and on the same page. Our overall goal on-court and off-court is only possible with the team that surrounds us, and we are very fortunate to have such great people around us.

You run a BIG Hot Shots coaching program at Collaroy Tennis Club. It must be rewarding to see so many kids play tennis?

Yes, it is hands-down the biggest and most successful part of the business at Collaroy Tennis Club. Having low-compression balls has really changed the overall participation of kids in tennis. Its now possible for parents to hire a court and actually RALLY with their kids. That is the most rewarding part for Scott and myself, seeing so many happy young kids rallying and playing tennis with a smile on their face.

What is your vision with Evolve Tennis and how do you see it progressing over next few years?

Our vision is simple, to continue growing the sport from the grassroots up. We are unsure if that will entail taking on other tennis centres or schools, it may just simply be adding to our current programs and making them more accessible to a wider catchment area.

Is social media like Facebook and Twitter important to your business?

Social media has certainly become a large part of our business in 2015. We had a goal to grow our presence on platforms such as Facebook / Instagram & Twitter and its been very successful. Quite a large part of our business now streams from these platforms, whether it be general communication for lessons and programs, or simply adding photos and achievement posts of our playing community. The other great success we’ve had online is our Website that was launched at the beginning of 2015. Whilst it is still a work in progress its been a big advantage to the continued growth at Evolve Tennis.

Do you send newsletter regularly?

Yes, we find it an absolute must to update our clients of current events etc… through way of a newsletter. We send these quarterly via email to each and every client.

What apps or software tools are you using that you can’t go without? How are these tools helping you?

We use a large range of apps and software daily to run the business… but if i had to name our most important two-

inTennis software would be number 1, as it controls our daily bookings for all classes and squads, online court hire, contact details and invoicing.

Number 2 would be Google Apps for Business – which has really allowed for larger emailing capacities whilst also enabling better team integration in the way of google calendars.

Whilst I’m sure there are many similar programs on offer, our extended research and guidance has lead us to inTennis & Google.

Any advice for beginners and aspiring tennis players?

Best advice is just to enjoy it & stay relaxed. The more you relax & stay calm the better you will judge the ball… better judgement usually leads to better contact in turn leading to increased consistency.

And what player doesn’t want more consistency.

Any advice for the parents?

Be patient and realise tennis is not an overnight sport. Like anything in life its takes practice & perseverance. Let your kids enjoy it.

Ryan Maloney

Evolve Tennis Academy

Business & Coaching Director


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