Owen Peemoeller
Owen Peemoeller

After the announcement of Tennis ACT 2012 awards, I spoke with Owen Peemoeller, the winner of the Club Coach of the Year.

Congratulations on receiving the 2012 Club Coach of the Year award from Tennis ACT. What does the award mean to you?

Owen: The 2012 Club Coach Award came as a complete surprise! I was greatly touched by the number of people who had supported me with nominations, including children who were too young to write anything and had sent drawings of me instead. To me it was an indication that I was succeeding in lighting the tennis flame in others, and that meant more to me than any trophy ever could.

Tell us more about you?

Owen: As long as I can remember tennis has been a part of my life. My mum tells me that when I was 3 years old and I told her that I wanted to be a Wimbledon champ, I don’t even think I knew what that was. I didn’t start getting lessons until I was 10 or 11 and my coaching life started soon after that at the Melba Tennis Club when at 15 when I started an assistants coach role.

What do you like about tennis?

Owen: Tennis is one of those great sports you can play your whole life and you don’t need a team of players to play a match. To me personally tennis is all about the challenge, the challenge to hit the perfect ball and to play the perfect game.

When did you start the On The Line Tennis Coaching business?

Owen: My On The Line Tennis Coaching Business has been many years in the creation, but only became “official” a month ago [September 2012]. Since I started coaching I have always been working under someone else using their coaching style and programs. Now that I have my own business I can put into action some of my very definite ideas into play.

What challenges do you face as the owner of a coaching business?

Owen: I don’t think a lot of people realise just how much time is involved in running the business off the court, when you think of a tennis coach you think about them being on the court hitting balls, not behind a desk running a business. Software like inTennis has really helps me out, before that it was just piles of loose paper and sticky notes everywhere. Something that I am very committed to doing in this business is improving the skills of my staff not just the skills of my students. Great coaches, like great players are made over time.

What future plans do you have for your coaching business?

Owen: I have lots of plans for the business, but my main goal is to create a pathway for juniors to grow, develop and achieve success at any level they want to. Most of all tennis should be something that they enjoy doing and they want to improve their skills to get more out of the game. It is tough to coach to such diverse skill levels and abilities, but it is something I have a lot of belief in.

Who is your favourite tennis player?

Owen: My favourite player was Marat Safin. When he was playing well he was just great to watch, the same can be said when he wasn’t playing well, he was always a very entertaining player. The tour isn’t the same without him.

Any advice for beginners or aspiring tennis players?

Owen: To be a successful tennis player you have to be a little bit lucky, but it is the lucky ones who seem to train the hardest.


About On The Line Tennis Coaching

On The Line Tennis Coaching is based in Melba Tennis Club which is located in Melba ACT. Owen can be contacted on 0407 456 293 or by email at onthelinetennis@me.com.

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